I love you

You know what? You said I was your miracle, but you were mine. You helped me fall in love again. You gave me a smile. You gave me a home. You gave me love. You gave me poems, you gave me happiness, you gave me daisies, you gave me a heart, you gave me you and I love you for every bit of your difficult breathing, I love you for who you are, what you are, when you are, where you are, why you are and how you are.

You’re a brunette and the brown in your hair has my poems everywhere, I thought you joked about wearing my smile. You were not. You are happiness found when sunshine and moonshine kiss. You’re the masterpiece that people would love to have, but afraid to hang because you’d get stolen. I trust you’ll stay, don’t go too far, don’t be too dark. You’re light. You always come in the late of the night, eventually you became afternoons, and then mornings and then every hour of everyday. You became time and whispered about me being your timeless lover with small words that tickle laughter and flip frowns. You told me you loved my laugh. You told me you loved my smile. You told me I looked like 4 a.m. conversations because the darkness scared you, but you found me near stars and that’s when you realized I was more than night skies. That’s when you wanted me to be sitting near daydreams and not a nightmare.

You were found in my mind. You placed yourself above my old poems and said you loved them, but decided to write your name on all of them. You placed yourself above love and searched for my health, you never asked for anything, but open arms. I’m here, don’t leave me. They’ve not faltered from the very spot that you’ve found me. I’m still and stiff like the hands on a broken clock, but that’s where timeless people go, broken clocks… we’re second-less, free from minutes, stripped from the hours and the days slow down to the classic story of hare vs tortoise.

I’m a mad case of I love you. The why and the how… are both the same. Because love just happens. Why I love you. How I love you. There is no difference, you’re beautiful. I won’t sugarcoat these last two with metaphors, you’ll get your simple, I love you.

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