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Best Phone For Selfie in 2017

Who does not know the selfie of Hollywood celebrities in Oscar Award like Bradley Cooper, Ellen and more in that night? The photo goes viral following the selfie viral in that year. Now, the selfie has been something usual that many people love to do. Selfie is the realization from a person that needs their existence appreciated and loved. They compete to get the best selfie picture. The needs of selfie have made some smartphone manufacturers compete to produce best camera phone and then there is a mainstream race called best selfie phone. From Apple to Oppo or even the newbie tries to sell best camera phone with selfie quality as the reason behind the production. They put their name into the race in giving the best front camera to get the best quality of selfie photos.

There are many smartphones with great support for a selfie with the great front camera, but some vendors may not realize that front camera is not the only camera but when it has come to gallery or album, storage is something important. What is the point when you have got the perfect camera, but you have cheap performance? Thus, you need to see and consider some important features that support your selfie hobbies so you will not miss your dailies and your hobbies too. What are the best phones for a selfie in 2017? Here is the list you can check.

1. iPhone 7

Coming with the 7MP front camera, Apple has proved that megapixel is not the main and only idea to create great selfie photos. The most important thing in a phone is about how to deliver quality with a simple camera. This feature tackles some Chinese vendors like Vivo and Oppo presenting a high resolution of front camera to convince people to prefer them, however, we think that you just really need good simple pixel for your front camera. This phone also comes with huge storage ranging from 32, 128 and 216 GB. Is that crazy storage for a smartphone? We think it not because selfie addicts need large storage.

2. Samsung Galaxy S8

Well, we cannot separate Apple from Samsung as the toughest rival. However, this S7 is indeed produced on purpose to tackle iPhone 7. Coming with same pixel, 12MP, Samsung again wants to show that more powerful hardware and storage can really impact to selfie hobbies. Coming with 4GB RAM and 3000 mAh battery, it will let you keep connecting to your camera without worrying your battery running out.

3. OnePlus 3T

Talking about OnePlus, we may need to tell you that OnePlus is under the same umbrella with Vivo and Oppo, but OnePlus comes as the Flagship Killer. Why should it be called as the killer? With the same feature as the two phones above, OnePlus comes half cheaper than flagship in common. This phone comes with 16MP for both front and rear camera and 6GB RAM with 64/128GB ROM variants. However, this phone might have been released in 2016, but it still goes viral in 2017, if you want to delay, you can grab the higher version like OnePlus 5 with 8GB RAM.

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