How to know that he is a keeper

15 Signs That He Is a Keeper

  1. You have been together for a long time, but the long messages are still there. 
  2. He never gets tired of giving you compliments. He assures you that you are the most beautiful.
  3. A day won't pass without settling the issues in the relationship. 
  4. He doesn't take advantage of you. 
  5. He hugs and kisses your forehead like it's always the last time. 
  6. He never gets tired of telling you how lucky he is to have you. 
  7. He always remembers the significant dates in your relationship. 
  8. He personally makes stuff for you. 
  9. You can still feel that "butterfly in your stomach" every time you are with him.
  10. He respects and loves your family like his own.
  11. He isn't afraid to apologize. 
  12. He is protective but not possessive. 
  13. He never raises a hand to you.
  14. He is your biggest cheerleader. Tells you that everything will be fine 
  15. He is your biggest fan. He tells you about how amazing you are in every inch.