Quit Smoking with Chewing Gum

Quit Smoking with Chewing Gum?

How does it feel when your partner is so addicted to smoking? Do you feel usual or worried? Smoking is always putting people into a dilemma, but there is no proof that cigarette is healthy as there have been so many scientific researches that prove smoking is dangerous for those who got the smoke of the cigarette no matter the people are an active or passive smoker. If you are a smoker, you might think to stop it. We know, it is such a huge struggle as it is hard to kill the addiction. When people have been so dependable to a cigarette, it takes more than a year to actually stop smoking. It is common as it also about killing your daily routine. Some smokers can quit as simple as stopping because their mind has changed and think that smoking wastes time and money, but there are still many smokers that struggle to stop smoking and feel bad during the process. They end up smoking again and get the addiction back to their mind. The key to getting success stop from smoking is a great will, if there is no will, then there is no way to stop.

Start the process with the great will and you will understand how beautiful it is to beat your own addiction to smoking. Start thinking your future and your family. Look at the numbers of how many people have suffered worst heart problem due to a cigarette, look how many people have died due to cancer and one of the biggest factor is from cigarette because it does not affect to those who really smoke but also people who got exposure to the smoke from the smoker. There are many ways after having a great will, you can try to eat candy like coffee candy and else. You can also try chewing gum that is made to kill smoking addiction. But make sure that your effort should be in line with your mindset. It will be useless when you have got the desire to get the gum to quit smoking, but there is no spirit. Thus, to get it better, you may need to know about the gum to help you quit smoking.

Basically, gum is just like whitening teeth gum packed in a foil container. Each gum has 2 mg nicotine that is equal to the content of cigarette. Those who usually wake up with a cigarette after 30 minutes up may need more than 2 mg of nicotine gum because it needs to kill the addiction of smoking. If you can wait not to smoking for more than 30 minutes after up, you can try 2 mg nicotine gum. The way to use the gum is by chewing the gum for 15 minutes and then there will be sensational taste. You can do it every day depending on how long you will need to chew to stop smoking. There is a limit, but the limit is pretty great as smokers can chew like each gum every house and eat 24 gum for a day, but you need to make it conformed interval. IT is believed to be able to reduce the craving from smokers. However, you may need to prepare the side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, weakness and more, but you can cope it by drinking warm water.